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This is the first contest at and it is not based on luck . It ‘s based on the number of POINTS you collect . Enter into the contest…

1st Place :

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End Date Of this contest : SEPTEMBER 25 , 2008.

Finally ., Send an email to after you finished your activities …

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Name , Your Primary Blog , List of Emails subscribed , List of Blogs that you wrote about this Contest , points earned [optional.... ] .

Techtod contest

Yes another contest at

This contest is based on POINTS , you get points then you deserve a gift .

Prizes offered :

Cash is offered via paypal or alertpay

For Place 1 :
25 $ hard cash + Bonus Gift
For Place 2 :
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How to earn points :

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Bonus Gifts Based on points:

Contest Open Till : September 30 , 2008.

Contest Prize announcement : October 02 , 2008.

Enhanced Ribbon Menu Button in C#


First of all, thanks to everyone. I am grateful to know that people value this effort. I remember like yesterday when I was sixteen, more or less, and I saw many types of software, apps and games. For me, it was impossible to access and develop software then. I have learned a lot since, however, and I realize that it's now one million times easier to access this kind of software. Furthermore, if I can help anyone to create eye-candy apps, I've decided that they can use my code freely.

Reg Toy

RegToy is a registry utility written and supported by Ky Nam. It included lots of useful utilities : tweaking, window manager, shell context menu, registry cleaner, file renamer, screen capture, memory cleaner , disk cleaner and much more ...

Want to bend Windows to your will? Then you'll want to give RegToy a try. It lets you customize just about every aspect of how Windows works, from the taskbar and Start menu, to the Windows Explorer context menu, how your desktop and icons appear, and much more.

The number of settings you can change is astonishing. Vista users will particularly welcome it, because it gives you control over many Vista-specific features. In Vista, you can turn the Windows Mobility Center on and off, disable Windows error reporting, hiding the Control Panel, and much more.